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Having a problem with our dometic fridge on 240v power with the alarm going off as if there is no power getting to it. It was working fine for a couple of weeks but has started with the alarm in the early evening and again in the morning. Have checked fuses, power supply and the trip switch and all are fine, has anyone experienced something similar?
HI Robyn and Jason, in the owners' section of this website are the owners manual for the Dometic RMD...
July 15, 2018
Hi. Has anyone else had the front glass of the Sharp microwave explode whilst driving.
We had this happen this weekend even though the inside door glass is still not broken.
We think this may be an important question for all Sunliner owners as the glass exploded throughout the motorhome.
Can anyone from Sunliner community shed any light on this dangerous risk.
Contacting Sharp re recall notices.
Hello, Exploding microwave doors is not a common problem in our RV's. In fact, we have never had th...
May 21, 2018
Does the 2018 IVECO 45C come with Cruise Control?
Interested in replacing 3-way Dometic fridge with240/12v compressor fridge - any problems?

Hello - Yes the Iveco daily has cruise control -
April 25, 2018
Hi, we have a Habitat 1 and have great difficulty filling the generator fuel tank. Each time we have tried to put fuel in using a bowser, it won't flow into the tank, rather it just flows back spilling each time.
Hi Alison, It sounds like there could be an issue with the breather. Please contact your selling d...
April 24, 2018
Can anyone provide feedback on the Olantas O451 layout? Especially the rear storage provision.
Hello, If you send us through an email I can provide the volume figures for the storage area. EMail...
April 24, 2018
Hi , we have a Habitat 1 , been away for three weeks , lots of room , we love it But can you tell me how to turn on the entry Step lights into the cabin Cheers Wendy
Hi, The cabin step light is on the same circuit as the internal cabin light. If the internal cabin...
April 10, 2018
What tyre pressures do you recommend for a 2017 sunliner ranger with the suspension upgrade?
Hello, We have checked with Ford and with the suspension company and can confirm that the tyre pre...
April 05, 2018
Hi, we purchased a Sunliner Switch 541 last year and about to do our first big trip. We would like to install curtains between the cab and the house and wondering where we can obtain curtain tracks and runners similar to the ones used for the over cab bed compartment. Any idea where we can purchase these items or any other sugestions.
Hi Judy, More Products - are the spare parts supplier for Sunliner. I am s...
April 04, 2018
Hi All
I have a sunliner twist 8 speed, I am on my third diff and still have a whine at 80kmh and 100kmh, so will be looking at a fourth diff, has anyone else with a twist or switch had this problem.
Thanks Grahame.
Hi Graham, It seems you are having a problem with the chassis, I am guessing an Iveco Daily 50C. It...
March 25, 2018
Recently I have the experience of a flat starter battery in my motorhome. It has dual secondary batteries and solar. Is there any reason why I should not install a dual sensing VSR under professional assistance?
Hi, We don't quite understand your question. We recommend that you find a good auto electrician wh...
March 05, 2018
truma boiler won't start
There are number reasons that your Hot Water System (HWS) is not functioning. It is not possible to...
February 20, 2018
We will be buying a Sunliner Pinto in the New Year. Do dealers have stock r day for immediate sale and can I trade in my Coromal Caravan
Hi John, we sell our motorhomes through a network of dealers throughout Australia and New Zealand....
December 20, 2017
What are the dimensions (length, width) of the roof top bed of the Sunliner Ranger? Thank you.
The bed is 1.35m wide and 1.83m long. Regards, Sunliner RV
December 17, 2017
We have just taken delivery of the Habitat 1 (amazing vehicle) and have discovered that when we run the fridge on inverter overnight it uses somewhere in the vicinity of 7-10% battery power. Having only used 12v for the first few days it was consuming 40-48% overnight. Is there any reason we shouldn't use the inverter as such, or if not, why wouldn't we have been advised to do so?
Hello, We are assuming you are talking about being unplugged from 240volt systems and are describin...
December 13, 2017
Will you present the Sunliner Ranger on an European Fair or is there a representative in Europe?
The Sunliner Ranger is manufactured in Australia and is distributed exclusively through Australia an...
December 11, 2017
Hi, Where can I buy used Sunliner Ranger best?
Hello, Sunliner Ranger motorhomes are not available to rent and can be purchased second hand by visi...
December 11, 2017
I have a Switch S542, I am having trouble at times with deploying the slide when I reach my destination. I have to rev the motor to achieve a 13.4v on the charger. Is this normal? Slide is noisy compared to others.
Hello, It is difficult to diagnose a problem like this from such a short summary. It is possible tha...
December 05, 2017
I read in "Community" there have been several complaints back in 2016 regarding Rattles in the slideout when travelling. The problem is still there in 2017 and despite your Answer saying your service agents are experts in coming up with solutions it seems in this case they haven't. It seems unrealistic that the only suggestion was to put a piece of foam in it to stop the rattle.
Hello Brian, We appreciate that rattles can be annoying. It is important to understand that motorh...
November 27, 2017
Hi we have just purchased a 2017 Sunliner 441 and I am having trouble with the water both in the sink & outside shower nothing Coming in out I have turned the hot water service power on still nothing.
We move in permanently in six days and would like have this issue sorted out before we go on our tip around OZ
Thank you in advance
And great site
Hi, it is difficult to diagnose a problem via the internet. Please contact your selling dealer - th...
November 25, 2017
where do i drain the freshwater tank on a switch 501
Hello, There are two options to drain your fresh water tank. First is to turn on the taps and drain...
November 22, 2017
I am interested in purchasing a 5 th Wheeler in a couple of years- In fact I like the look of the Sunliner. However, there are very few Australian manufacturers around. Can anyone give me some feedback about their 5th Wheeler- Sunliner or another brand? Are their any disadvantages compared to a caravan. I currently own a 20 ft Roadstar caravan.
Hi Wayne, You are correct Sunliner is one of the few 5th wheeler manufacturers in Australia. A 5...
November 21, 2017
My Websto diesel heater has ceased working after switching on after a short period red light comes on giving 5 flashes
Hello, It is difficult for us to give specific advise as there are several models of Webasto produ...
November 02, 2017
Is it better to flat tow a Hyundai Getz or on a trailer
Hello, Our expertise does not extend towing. Perhaps a question in the discussions section might o...
May 09, 2017
How hard is it to get the spare wheel out from under the sunliner.
The placement of the spare wheel differs between chassis manufacturers. Frequently it is located un...
April 11, 2017
Any thoughts on Washing the roof of my motorhome without a ladder?
Try googling a local to you truck Wash. They normally have a scaffold alongside to allow you to cle...
April 09, 2017
Is there any sort of Self Leveling device available that could be fitted to my Pinto 411.
Hello, There is nothing that we know of. Given the size of the Pinto stabilisers are not fitted as...
March 12, 2017
can the dual rear wheels on the iveco habitat be replaced with one wheel ?
Hello, Making such changes to the chassis is not something Sunliner would do as it impacts ont eh w...
March 05, 2017
How is the floor of Sunliner motorhomes attached to the subframe?? I am looking at buying a preloved Pinto but have noticed that in a couple of places there is a small movement and sound from the floor when these areas are walked on. I am concerned that moisture might get into the "gaps" between the floor and frame and cause more problems with the floor.
Hello, The floor of our motorhome is both screwed to the subframe and secured with a specialised bo...
March 01, 2017
We are picking up our Switch tomorrow, not sure if our extension lead is a 15 amp, will a 10 amp be a problem?
Hello, Congratulations on your new Switch. A 10 Amp extension lead is not suitable for an RV. Be...
February 20, 2017
I recently travelled on a dusty road in my Pinto 411 and the whole thing filled with dust - and I mean FILLED. I believe it came in through the vent in the entry step. Any solutions!?
Hi Leo, The vent in step entry to your Motorhome is a requirement by Australian Law. It is a gas ve...
December 28, 2016
Sunliner twist- does the solar panel charge the vehicle battery as opposed to motorhome batteries too?
The power supplied to the "home" part of your motorhome be it from 240V (mains), solar or generator...
November 24, 2016
Has anyone fitted a SOG toilet ventilator to a Sunliner Switch? What voltage should the wires coming into the cassette enclosure be?
Hello, the SOG toilet ventilator is not something we have fitted however we did find how to install...
July 10, 2016
We have a 2004 Monaco. Can a spare wheel/tyre be affixed to the rear panel above the bumper?
Cheers, Mark.
Hello Mark, We don't recommend hanging spare wheels off the back wall of our Motorhomes. If you do...
July 02, 2016
Is the Sunliner Holiday model going to be phased out .
Hi Kodii, The Sunliner Holiday series has been replaced by the new Sunliner Navian series. As of S...
May 25, 2016
Hi,i would like to know if the roof of the sunliner pinto is suitable to mount two short brackets eg aluminium angle to support a pair of bars behind the air con. unit to tie a second spare wheel
to when we are travelling in remote areas?. What is the thickness and composition of the roof? Is there any framework under the external skin?
Thanking you in advance
John Conway
Hi John, Thanks for your question. We have created an article in our Sunliner HQ section, titled "...
May 04, 2016
we have a Holiday elevate and wish to attach a bike rack for two pedal bikes at the back. What is the best way to do this ?
Hi, We advice caution when adding a bike rack to the back of your RV. As the "extra" few inches can...
May 01, 2016
We have a sunliner holiday g4j 5 years old and are just starting to experience leaks in the roof vent when it rains... can you suggest a remedy please
Hi, it sounds like the seals around the vent may have started to deteriorate, which is common of a...
April 30, 2016
I have just had to repair water entry to the floor of the bathroom on my 2007 Eurospa. Water entered when the rear bumper lifted away from the rear of the van. There was no water proofing on the join between the fibreglass and the metal skirt below the fibreglass. Do all new Sunliners still have a metal skirt below the fibreglass and have the join concealed by the side rubber strip.
Hi, we find this question confusing. Sunliner do not use a metal skirt beneath the fiberglass. The...
April 29, 2016
I have a Dometic B3000 Plus Air Con in my Holiday HC4 caravan. A storm shorted out the fuse and keeps tripping the safety switch. Where can I locate the fuse for air con.
Hello, There is no fuse for the aircon. It is directly connected to the safety switch. The best...
April 26, 2016
When washing my Sunliner Holiday Caravan what is the best detergent to use (e.g. Turtlewax) for the fibreglass outer. And should I use any polish etc to maintain finish.
A good quality car or better still boat cleaning product is a good choice. Regards, Sunliner HQ
April 26, 2016
What purpose do the roof bars serve on the pinto as the air con is higher than the bars? Regards John
Hi John, Great question. The roof bars perform two functions they protect the roof of the vehicle f...
April 21, 2016
All the Laminex edging strips are lifting in the bathroom and the kitchen and in other places. When we take it back for warranty how many days will they need to fix it. It is a switch.
Dear Susan, Thank you for asking the question. What you are describing is not the typical Sunliner...
April 18, 2016
We have a two month old Switch. First big trip,first day, first closing of the concertina bathroom door and it falls out of the top runners and won't go back in. Any suggestions. Susan
Dear Susan, Thank you for asking the question. What you are describing is not the typical Sunliner...
April 18, 2016
Same problem with my twist rattle in slide out- solution by sales agent was pack it with foam!- then complained and dealer said would try again at next service- no confidence in manufacturer design so I fixed it- go to Bunnings and buy some nylon washers and take it apart - takes about an hour but resolves manufacturers design flaw which should never should be
Dear Chris, We don
April 16, 2016
I have a 1999 ford transit with a sunliner poptop on the back is there a bigger or extra water tank to go under same ( i have removed the grey tank and put the spare wheel under)
Yes there are several options in size and shape of water tanks including having custom tanks made. W...
April 06, 2016
We have a 2015 Twist and the roll out mechanism rattles when travelling. Any suggestions because the bushes are loose. Is there an easy fix short of putting better quality bushes there.
Hi Peter, Thanks for the question. It is difficult to diagnose a rattle via the internet. We would...
April 05, 2016
Why doesn't my sunnier switch s541 come with an awning above the slide out??
Hello, If you could email us at [email protected] your Sunliner serial number we will take...
March 02, 2016
Why don't the lounge rear cushions fit between the base cushions to make an extra bed in our G32. THE DONT LIE FLAT EITHER AS THEY ARE BULKIER AT THE BOTTOM COMPARED TO THE TOP.
Hi Cambo, Unlike a rental motorhome, which are designed primarily to provide multiple sleeping arran...
February 26, 2016
Is there a Pinto or Holiday out at the Melbourne Camping show this weekend?
Hello, We have a Pinto 411 at the show. This Pinto has the "new for 2016" interiors and specific...
February 26, 2016
I want add a USB charging point to my Rialta. Is this relatively simple to do?
Hello, yes this is relatively easy to do. Your Sunliner dealer can provide you with a quote. We w...
November 27, 2015
We would like to add a seatbelt to our Motorhome so our granddaughter can travel with us. Is this possible?
Hi Fi and Daz, Yes it is possible. It will depend on your chassis and the current weight of your RV...
November 27, 2015

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